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Scheduled tank maintenance is essential for the health of an aquarium.  Below are some services we offer during maintenance visits.

  • Inspect fish and tank inhabitants for disease
  • Test water parameters and add necessary chemicals
  • Clean the algae from the glass and aquatic decor
  • Conduct a 10%-20% water change as needed
  • Clean filter materials and replace media as needed
  • Wipe down tank and stand to remove all residue
  • Visual check of equipment as well as air and water flow
  • Clean the hood and light fixtures
  • Inform client of any concerns or needs for the aquarium
  • Provide Service Report

*We also offer vacation tank care
Livestock and Supply Deliveries


  • RO water top off, dry goods, and accessories 
  • If you have an issue with your pump, heater, or other electrical device, we will repair or replace it for you. 


Want to add a new aquatic pet? We can evaluate your aquarium and make suggestions on animals that will work with your current inhabitants. 

P.O. Box 61652, Savannah, Ga 31420
email: Lindsay@aqua-aid.com
call: (912) 662-5079
We offer a variety of services, all of which come with a free estimate.  Give us a call!
Tank Setup, Design, and Installation

Have a new tank or looking for a change?

  • We can take the guess work out of setting up your new aquarium.
  • We can help transition your tank from a fish only tank to a reef tank

Other services include:

  • Instructional lessons for upkeep and care of your aquarium
  • Emergency response
  • Vacation tank care
  • Aquascaping and decorations

Please contact us for additional services!