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Scheduled tanks maintenance is essential for the health of an aquarium.  Below are are some tasks we perform at each scheduled visit.

  • Inspect fish and inhabitants for disease
  • Test water parameters
  • Clean the algae off the glass and aquatic decor
  • Conduct a 10%-20% water change as needed
  • Clean the filter and replace media as needed
  • Wipe down tank and stand to remove all residue
  • Visual check of equipment, air and water flow
  • Clean cover and light fixtures of algae and salt deposits
  • Inform client of any concern or needs for the aquarium
  • Provide Service Report

*We also offer vacation tank care
Livestock and Supply Deliveries:
  • RO water top off, dry goods, and accessories 
  • If you have an issue with your pump, heater, or other electrical device, we will repair or replace it for you. 
If you would like to make additions to your tank, we can evaluate your aquarium and make suggestions on animals that will work with your current inhabitants. 

P.O. Box 61652, Savannah, Ga 31420
email: Lindsay@aqua-aid.com
call: (269) 808-5567
We offer a variety of services, all of which come with a free estimate.  Here is a breakdown of a few services we offer
Tank Setup, Design, and Installation:

Have a new tank or looking for a change
  • We can take the guess work out of setting up your aquarium.
  • We can help with the transition from a fish only tank to a reef tank
Other services include:
  • Instructional lessons for upkeep and care of aquarium
  • Emergency response
  • Vacation tank care
  • Aquascaping and decorations

-Please contact us for a quote for additional services.